As the summer holidays approach, many of us are eagerly anticipating boarding planes and escaping to relaxing destinations. While vacations are a well-deserved time for relaxation and indulgence, it’s important not to neglect your dental hygiene amidst the excitement.

Prioritising Oral Hygiene on Holiday

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is crucial, especially when enjoying the sun, delightful food, and refreshing drinks that often accompany holidays. Here’s how you can keep your smile healthy while you’re away.

Smart Packing Tips

Packing for a holiday can be stressful, but preparing a toiletry bag should be straightforward. Here are some essentials for a healthy smile abroad:

  • Toothbrush Care: Store your toothbrush in a small case to prevent contamination and keep the bristles intact.
  • Interdental Brushes and Floss: Use these once a day to maintain your oral hygiene routine.
  • Travel-sized Toothpaste: Avoid having to discard large toothpaste at airport security by opting for a travel-sized version.
  • Mini Mouthwash: A handy addition to keep your mouth fresh.
  • Sugar-free Gum: Chewing gum can help maintain saliva levels, washing away food particles when brushing isn’t an option.

Enjoying Holiday Treats Responsibly

Indulging in local delicacies is part of the holiday experience. However, it’s important to consume sugary and acidic foods and drinks in moderation to protect your teeth from decay.

  • Rinse with Water: After enjoying alcoholic or fizzy drinks, swish water around your mouth to neutralize acids. Do the same after eating sugary treats.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated in hot climates but also helps avoid dry mouth and bad breath by maintaining saliva flow.
  • Brush After 30 Minutes: Wait 30 minutes after eating or drinking before brushing your teeth to allow enamel to re-harden and saliva to neutralize acids.

Pre-Holiday Dental Check-up

Booking an appointment before your holiday is a wise move. An appointment with one of our dental hygienists can catch any potential issues before they become problems during your trip, and a professional cleaning will leave your teeth in top condition. The last thing you want is to seek an expensive dentist while abroad.


While holidays are a time to unwind, dental issues don’t take a break. By maintaining your oral hygiene routine, moderating indulgences, and staying hydrated, you can ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy. Enjoy your holiday with confidence, knowing your smile is well taken care of.